Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition
The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild annually sponsors the Julie Harris Playwright Awards Competition to discover new theatrical works and to encourage established or emerging writers to create quality works for the theatre. The Julie Harris Playwright Awards Competition offers the following prizes:

FIRST PRIZE: $3,500 -- The Janet and Maxwell Salter Playwright Award.

SECOND PRIZE: $2,500 -- The Dr. Henry and Lilian Nesburn Playwright Award.

THIRD PRIZE: $1,500 -- The Ruth Flinkman-Marandy and Ben Marandy Award.

Entries must be accompanied by the application form and in accordance with the submission policies and procedures. We accept scripts from January 1st to April 1st for this competition. No scripts will be accepted after these dates and all scripts received after the deadline cannot qualify and will not be returned. All submissions must include a $25 application fee. The playwright may request an application form from the competition office. Send a self-addressed, stamped, #10-business sized envelope (SASE) to:

Candace Coster, Competition Coordinator
BHTG--Julie Harris Playwright Awards
P.O. Box 148
Beverly Hills, CA 90213


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