The Board of the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild
Board of Directors
Carolyn Fried - President
Janet Salter* - Board Chair
Patricia Mock - 1st VP Theatre Programs
Nesburn Family Event
Mary Levin Cutler* - Special Events Co-Chair
Ruth Flinkman-Marandy - Special Events Co-Chair
Marika Gerrard - Treasurer
Marika Gerrard - Membership Events
Board Members
Mitzie Eisenberg
Stan Eisenberg
Lorraine Friedman
Marilyn Gallup
Marilyn Hall
James Jahant
Judson Mock
David Hunt Stafford

Dorothy Victor

Candace Coster - Competitions Coordinator
Sooky Goldman** - Founding President

Evelyn Bard Kellogg** - President Emeritus

* Past Presidents
** Blessed memory


 Award Competitions

 Julie Harris  Benefits of Membership Winners  Spotlight Awards